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Synthetic Cubic Zirconia

Synthetic Cubic Zirconia,synthetic CZ

Also called Russian diamond. It belongs to crystalloid. Mohrs scale is 8.5, specific gravity is 5.6-6.0.


Synthetic Corundum

Synthetic corundum may synthesize into sapphire and ruby.

  Synthetic Spinel

Synthetic spinel

Synthetic Spinel belongs to crystalloid.Mohrs scale is 8, specific gravity is 5.6-6.0.Normal color is transparent, light to dark blue, light to dark green, red, yellowpurple, etc. Glass luster, transparent or semi-transparent.

  Glass with Rare Earth

Glass with Rare earth

Color glass with rare earth has the advantage of pure color, good.



As the mimic material of gems, the mohrs scale for this kind of glass is 5.5-6. Glass luster. May produce glass jewelry or as mimic of all transparent or semitransparent single crystal gems.